Monday, May 25, 2009

Everyday Rewards and Epumps

Many of us find it particularly exciting when they see a company leading in innovation and product development. Woolworths is no longer a groceries store but quickly becoming the corporate "corner store" and recently, its their petrol station revolution that has us blogging about today. 

Many of the Caltex Woolworths petrol stations are rolling out epumps (see locations here) which allow customers to pull up to a bowser, wave a credit card at the bowser, fill up and then drive away. No need to queue up, no need to get a receipt either because the receipt is emailled to your email account immediately. 

They've used the new epumps to also roll out: 
1. Everyday Money credit cards which give 10c off petrol so you can buy petrol at 98.9c in Perth
2. Everyday Rewards loyalty cards 
3. Subsequently causes you to see Woolworths stores as another opportunity to earn points. 
4. Makes you want to try out the self serve innovative woolworths check out stations in the City. 
5. Everyday Rewards website which has a communal suggestion box where people rate each others' suggestions and you can see how much you have saved shopping at woolworths etc

In a matter of one week signing up to the Everyday money credit card, I found myself at a Woolworths petrol station, shopping at woolworths and surfing on their website. That is one successful promotion.

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