Monday, May 18, 2009

Highlights of the week - SMSGlobal

When you have a competitive product, the challenge is to get that product out there. At the recent CeBIT expo, SMSGlobal were giving out cards offering 225 free sms when you sign up to SMS Global for free. That was the sort of deal people come back from expos with a smile on their face. 

Quickly, the offer became the  top offer on many bargain websites like OzBargain and TopBargain, increasing their publicity even more. I have no idea how many people signed up to SMS Global in the past week but I would not be surprised if 10,000+ people did. 

Once the 225 free sms are used up, users would find the 10c / SMS (cheaper if you order more than 100 sms in one go) a very reasonable price to continue using the service. Many of the triallers would definitely become paying customers, because: 

1. The price is right
2. They are already over the hurdle of signing up
3. The website offers many flexible ways of importing the mobile numbers from excel etc
4. You're happy. A happy customer is a good customer. Getting $22.50 worth of sms, puts a smilt on anyone's face. 
5. Many people don't know yet how to sms from their computer via their mobile phone so this will make life easier for them
6. You can make the sms come from a "Name" such as "Fred Flintstone", rather than just a random number. 

SMS global, good work! 

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