Sunday, November 18, 2012

Smart Campaign Shows Dumb Ways to Die

Whenever some great advertising campaign comes along, I spend quite a bit of time thinking about it and wondering what made it so good. So there is this song in my head for the last 30 hours which came out of a little animation on youtube. It was shared by at least five people on my facebook so I had to have a look.

Turns out that this video is actually a community safety message put out by Metro Trains in Melbourne. Makes sense because the first time I saw the video, I didn't realise it was an ad and was  thinking about how good it would be if it were part of an advertising campaign.

Was even better surprise to read a guest post on Mumbrella from one of the creators of this ad who helped to explain how the ad came to be.

"The music itself was obviously vital. We were adamant that this couldn’t be an advertising piece of music – we wanted this to exist as a song in its own right. Fair to say the composer nailed it.
The rest of the time was spent making the video as funny and likeable as possible. Not just that, but to load it with so many moments, you finish watching it and want to watch it again.
Anyone who’s ever made a commercial knows that there always comes a point when you’ve seen/heard it so many times during production that it drives you insane. But with Dumb Ways to Die, that moment never came. We’d all seen and heard it a hundred times, yet whenever it aired in the agency, people still stopped to look."

Check out the rest of the article here.