Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nokia Australia's Amazing Everyday Begins Tomorrow

We've been told that Nokia will be going all out in promoting their Nokia Lumia phones starting tomorrow across the country with a promotion strategy that you will be hearing about very, very soon. 1 March 2012 people will start googling and coming to this site hoping to get some answers. We hope that everyone will leave their comments about what they've noticed in their city.

Nokia print advertising has already started to appear in Melbourne's TimeOut publication featuring Windows tiles which are characteristic of the Windows Phones. How big is this promotion? Let's see tomorrow... but for now, check out what's been happening for Amazing Everyday promotions in Belgium, Denmark or India..

And Nokia in Singapore

If you were wondering where you heard this "Amazing Everyday" promotion before, perhaps it was Hyundai's "Everyday Amazing" ads earlier last year?

Monday, February 13, 2012

How does a Multinational Monitor Social Media?

How does a multinational company such as Nokia watch how you behave on social media with their brand? Here is a video of a "heads up display" view of Nokia's social presence which has been set up in Nokia's headquarters in Espoo, Finland. This six screen command centre gives Nokia employees the opportunity to see how people around the world are reacting to their new product launches and where they sit in terms of social media conversations. You have to admit, that is a pretty awesome set up and one that probably your social media specialist (if you have one) ought to have running in their office.