Thursday, June 21, 2012

EDIT Comments Now Allowed on Facebook

Facebook has just rolled out a feature that is just another step in the right direction for the social media juggernaut. They now allow you to edit comments that you make to your and other people's posts. The edit history can also be seen. The only exception is that you can't edit your original post which makes sense because you could have a thread like this: Go Miami Heat Nah, Miami sucks, go Thunder! EDIT original post Go Thunder Nah, Miami sucks, go Thunder! So do you like the new change that facebook is rolling out? You can finally go back and make corrections to those typos in your comments rather than sheepishly deleting the comment and re-posting it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CBA Can-pain revs up for Olympics

Commonwealth Bank who was the subject of various ambush marketing campaigns when they launched their CAN campaign, has started to roll out the CAN ads with quite a clever inclusion of their upcoming sponsorship Olympics. I can admit that during my workout after seeing these ads, CAN'T suddenly came to mind.

NAB Rolls Out Honesty Campaign

Once again answering the perennial question about how to convince an audience that a bank can be trusted is the National Australia Bank's latest ad campaign "Honesty shouldn't go Unrewarded" where a lost property stunt is staged to acknowledge honest bystanders who hand in lost property in a shopping centre.

When the person hands in the lost property, their photo is taken and then re-broadcast on various digital screens around the shopping centre acknowledging their honesty, with one even superimposing the do-gooder on a supposed news item. Check it out and tell me and leave a comment if you didn't smile at this promotion. NAB, great strategy!