Monday, January 18, 2010

You Don't Always Need Naming Rights

Photo taken from the 2010 Perth Skyshow

Credit goes to Lotterywest this week after they announced that they will continue to support the Australia Day fireworks with financial support but do not want the Australia Day fireworks to be called the Lotterywest Fireworks and prefer just "Australia Day Celebrations". They said in an article by WAToday that "Of course we want the public to know (about our support). (But) we didn't think that - with the importance of Australia Day - asking for those naming rights was consistent with our overall approach."

Its a good reminder and a great strategy, that a company be consistent with their company ethos and not just pursue things just for the sake of commercial benefit.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Coke v Pepsi this Saturday on Perth Beach

Not sure whether Coca Cola and Pepsi are aware of this but their summer campaigns seem like they are about to go head to head on a Perth beach this Saturday. Coca cola has sent out an invite to all their staff regarding the Coca-cola Bottle Blast which will give people a little experience similar to the summer Coke advertisements that feature a massive coke bottle that blasts people out of the top of the bottle. 

I am quite sure that  you won't get that experience but something fun will be at Scarborough beach looking a little like this - a massive.. bouncy castle? 
Meanwhile, as reported in Mumbrella, Pepsi are doing their summer promotion with a Hit Refresh campaign where the first person to locate a Pepsi button will get a $250 gift card. 

Coca-Cola will be on Scarborough Beach Friday to Sunday from 10am-6pm. 
Pepsi will release their clue on twitter some time between 12pm and 2pm on Saturday. 

Edit: Great Strategy had a look at the Coca Cola promotion on Saturday afternoon. They gave away mini coke and coke zero cans, hats, beach balls and sun glasses. There didn't seem to be as big a crowd as they expected, possibly because of the recent shark scares at Scarborough Beach. 

Pepsi's "Hit Refresh" campaign hardly attracted any participants, with the prize almost forfeited until Asha of Dianella found the button, almost two hours after the start of the promotion. 

Mars Australia was also doing a summer campaign on the beach, giving away free mars bars and an ice sculpture set up not too far away from the Coca-Cola promotion. 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nokia E72 Launched via Blog Challenge

The geniuses behind Nokia's world brand marketing, 1000 Heads, has outdone themselves with the recent release of the Nokia E72 around the world during the Christmas period, giving every blogger the extra holidays to spend more time writing up their reviews and exploring the E72 to its fullest extent. Locked perspex boxes, guarded by a magnetic lock, were sent to bloggers such as the MyE63 blog with the slick, new Nokia E72 and a poster with a clue that each blogger had to solve to solve the combination lock. 

The anticipation of playing with the Nokia E72 would have been overwhelming. Usually bloggers receive the cardboard box that you get your mobile phone in it but this time, with a little more (well spent) dollars, 1000heads made bloggers excited and with such a launch, it is hard to imagine 1000heads doing anything much different from this product launch. How much difference a big perspex box and a little extra effort can make has us awarding Nokia with the marketing strategy of the month.

Some bloggers just couldn't wait..