Monday, June 29, 2009

Highlights of the Week - Nando's Chaser Bruno launch

Whilst the Chaser's War on Everything signed an agreement not to interfere with the Bruno launch, the Sphere Agency led the charge, bringing in a fake Bruno flanked with an entourage of semi-clad models to promote Nando's Chicken, an Australian Portuguese chicken fast food chain. Two posters were held up that said "This year's hottest chicks are covered in peri-peri" and while the fake Bruno was being dragged away, the remaining models poured sauce all over themselves standing on the podium set up for the real Bruno.

Considering the number of cameras and videos being shot of this incident, it was a stroke of genius from an Australian advertising agency that has made headlines in other parts of the world like the New York Daily News, Toronto Sun and even Brazilian media. However, most outlets did not want to mention the fast food chain responsible for the best punk'd premiere.

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