Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Twittering Up Your Profile - Perez Hilton v John Mayer

As I'm typing this blog, Perez Hilton and John Mayer are exchanging tweets since the incident where Perez Hilton was punched in the face by a tour manager for Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas. Usually, what celebrities say is filtered by their publicists and spin doctors and this is the reason why Twitter has become a major promo opportunity for people like John Mayer. John decided to send Perez a few pointers like offering to train him in an old martial art called "Never Call A Black Dude a Faggot Jitsu."

Meanwhile, Perez Hilton has been increasing in mentions on twitter by users around the world and hey, even blogs like this one. Who are the winners? Perez Hilton and John Mayer. As the textual stoush is being played out, more and more twitter users are "following" the two to get updates on their twitter account. So how much did this extra publicity cost the two celebs? Nothing. Perhaps one hour of their time.

The instant access that Twitter gives to companies and their "followers" makes it a very powerful marketing tool and one that you need to know how to use well in order to prevent a major backlash from users, like the one Perez might get if he doesn't play his cards right engaging Mayer and his jitsu.

In the time this blog was posted, Perez increased his following by 207 people and John Mayer ended his 1 on 1 with this:

@PerezHilton Good night Perez, you dumb s***. #perezisokbyme

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