Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We're watching Virgin Australia relaunch

It's always a very interesting experience to watch a company rebrand themselves and see how that rebranding impacts on the consumer's conscience. Today Virgin Blue rebrands itself as Virgin Australia, with the website redirecting to virginaustralia.com.au and the new homepage looking much more upper class as if everyone just got a seat upgrade. Purely intentional as Virgin Australia aims at the business travellers who have always looked at Qantas as their preferred carrier.

The advertisement to be screened tonight across Australia has been released on Facebook with 218 likes and it certainly brings out the vibrancy that Virgin is clearly gunning for with the relaunch. Entitled "now you're flying" gives people the impression that Virgin Australia is the right choice, as well as implying that Virgin Blue in a sense has grown up. Take a look...

I would be really interested to see how the Virgin lounges and the flights themselves "feel" after this relaunch and see how the whole rebranding is carried out on the business end of the company. What are your thoughts?

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