Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why Myer China MyFind site won't survive

You may have all heard about the Myer online store which they are trialling to compete with the likes of CatchoftheDay. The website is and you may have probably visited it once but probably completely forgot what the website address was. My prediction is that this website will bomb out and Myer will conclude that online shopping does not work for them however, there are reasons why this would be a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

From a cursory glance at the website we can see some reasons why it will not succeed
  1. There is a lack of mindshare amongst online communities about the website. 
  2. Online shopping is mostly about price and nothing is standing out demanding that you buy it on the website. 
  3. There isn't from what we can tell any social media engagement by Myer
  4. The news about has completely dried out and the spike in web traffic probably has flattened out by now
  5. Many of you will probably stumble over this website because is not only obscure to Myer customers (intentionally) but also to the general online community and google searches (unintentionally). 
So don't be surprised if Myer's venture into online sales falls apart soon but remember it could have been helped.

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