Monday, November 30, 2009

Droids in Times Square and Live-in shopfronts at 5th avenue

As businesses look towards the holiday season, we've had some interesting promotions in the US following Black Friday, the first Friday after Thanksgiving which marks the beginning of the retail silly season.

Google Android started off with a Times Square display of their new Droid's ability to do voice searches over Google. In the campaign, Google showcases the features that iPhones don't have. People in Times Square were able to speak to the display and have Google search their query on a big screen, powered by Droid.

Also another Great Strategy can be found at XOXO clothing store on 5th Avenue, New York has taken shopfront displays to another (lower?) level. Not only does their shopfront feature real women, they spend much of their time trying on different outfits available in XOXO and another proportion of their time just sitting around in.. not much. It sure draws a crowd but I wonder how many women then decide to buy something from XOXO after they see the clothes modelled in the shopfront. Go to to read or view more on this ad campaign.

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