Wednesday, October 7, 2009

iSnack 2.0 - it had to be said

Ok we have not blogged for a while but everyone in the blogosphere must mention something about iSnack 2.0 and so here we are, doing the inevitable and ready to lambast the collective wisdom of the competition panel (whoever they were) selecting such a moronic name as iSnack 2.0.

Many bloggers and marketing commentators floated the idea that it may have been great strategy to pick a crap name and create a talking point for everyone gathered together to watch the AFL finals. Think about it, this point has merits. Apart from the mental reluctance to conclude that someone consciously thought that iSnack was a real good name, we have to consider that the launch of this name happened during the AFL finals. A major fail would be to pick a neutral name that washes off the brain before the next ad break so picking a contraversial name could have been a master stroke to ensure that the 2.95 million people watching the game would start talking about Vegemite than the Cats. Think about how many people you know who DOESN'T know that:
  • There is a new vegemite
  • It has a crap name 
  • There's cheese mixed in with vegemite
And how many people wondered aloud to you what it would taste like?

Considering they did an online vote for the new name to replace iSnack 2.0 also may be a hint that they knew what they were doing. After all, it was the Web 2.0 interactivity that decided the final name. How many people voted in the online poll? 30,000 in 3 days. 751 mentions of Vegemite in Google News just in the last 24 hours. Not bad. And the new name - Vegemite Cheesybite. Didn't we see this coming before the competition?

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