Monday, December 6, 2010

Why did iiNET sponsor the NBL?

One of the most exciting things I heard this year was that iiNET would be sponsoring the National Basketball League! It was the meeting of two up and coming success stories in one agreement and I could see the massive potential for both sides.

For the NBL iiNET is fun-loving company that has grown from a WA start up in a garage and understands the challenges of being in a changing market, just like the NBL. They are more daring than traditional sponsors which means that the NBL is more likely to have more leeway with innovation and experimentation which will be good for the game.

For iiNET There is no doubt in most people's minds that basketball is a grassroots sport which has a very strong passionate group of followers. There are probably much more kids playing basketball than there are playing AFL. For iiNET to get in early in joining the NBL, they can get a good deal for sponsorship and also generate some goodwill for the company amongst the many basketball fans in Australia. Also, as a result of the NBL wanting to expand its brand, iiNET will naturally benefit from this expansion and receive valuable mindshare in the Australian public as basketball grows.

I was very interested to read on the iiNET blog today about why iiNET sponsored the NBL and many of their thoughts I completely agree with. Much can be gained from this partnership and I only wish I could have a part in it :)

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